Sony's DualSense controller works with the Nintendo Change


Typically, console gaming controllers work for the consoles for which they were designed. Funnily enough, Sony's DualSense controller designed for the PS5 seems to work in tandem with the Nintendo Switch if you're willing to spend a little cash on buying a third-party accessory.

This comes from a tweet from BrokenGamezHDR that stated that if you use it, you can actually pair the 8BitDo adapter with the Switch to the Sony DualSense controller. To be fair, the adapter allows users to use third-party controllers with the Nintendo Switch instead of being limited to the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, which may be a bit expensive for some.

Dualsense works on the Nintendo Switch

– BrokenGamezHDR (@BrokenGamezHDR_) November 2, 2020

Based on this discovery, it appears that gamers who buy the PS5 will be able to use the DualSense controller with their Switch console as well. So if you don't already own the Switch Pro controller, this might be a cheaper option. We're not sure if there are any limitations in using the DualSense controller versus an official Nintendo controller, but for now it seems to be working fine if BrokenGamezHDR was able to play Mario Kart with the DualSense controller.

However, as we said earlier, it is unclear what limitations there may be. Hence, we will have to wait for a more thorough review to find out.

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Melinda Martin