Sorry to all of my pants, you might positively change these 30 leggings


Whatever the season, leggings are a wardrobe staple that I can always count on. They go with almost anything, are comfortable and easy to put on when you feel like you have nothing to wear. They’re even more versatile now that the options on the market are no longer just the solid black pair that you would wear under an oversized sweater. There’s a guy for every occasion, whether you’re running or going out for dinner. Today I dive into each one by giving you the best of the best that you can shop for right now.

Below, I’ve rounded up my editor-approved picks across all categories, from activewear leggings that are great for any sweat session, to more cozy styles that are great for a day of lounging. If you need leggings, then scroll down to find your answers. Keep shopping for the best options that you want to wear every day (we don’t blame you if you do)


Melinda Martin