Stephen Curry's 62-point recreation towards Damian Lillard reminds the NBA world of his powers


In hindsight, Stephen Curry's movement and boasting during his mostly frustrating first five games of the season should be taken as a warning.

Even when the Warriors were blown up by the Nets and Bucks in quick succession earlier this year, Curry blew many of his trademarks ahead of his injury-cut 2020-21 campaign. That the majority of his problems didn't arise didn't matter – his slumps rarely lasted long since high school.

When Golden State won on Sunday evening between 137 and 122 against the Trail Blazers, Curry finally accompanied his offensive approach with precise shots. Those who did not believe that this would come, do not understand how good the man is at basketball. Even his biggest fans were impressed with his 62 points in just 36 minutes. He made eight 3s and walked 18 of 31 off the floor.

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As is so often the case, NBA fans have been slandering Curry on Twitter for months. It has been alleged that Damian Lillard, his opponent during Sunday's barrage, left him in the dust regarding the point guard game.

Warrior coach Steve Kerr replied to these critics in his post-game press conference: "I hope they say something good about him tonight."

It definitely was.

Here is a compilation of the reactions to curry with 62 points:

Bro I better never see Steph slander on my TL ???? bro stay silencing people

– Myles Turner (@Original_Turner) January 4, 2021


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