Summer mode: Activated – 8 new basics that just have a different effect


Summer is basically here and as your favorite editors of Who What Wear we would never miss an opportunity to bring you style inspiration for the season ahead. Like every month, we’re back with our try-on series to demonstrate our styling skills and highlight the latest pieces from our fashion line of the same name. Once you’re comfortable with this range of editor outfits, just keep scrolling for outfit inspiration and affordable shopping. But if you are new here let me fill you in.

We drop new pieces for our Who What Wear line every month. Today’s round-up highlights the warm, weather-ready dresses, summer tops, and fresh lounge looks from the May collection. While nothing costs more than $ 40 in this issue, the looks our editors are putting together with these new summer basics make these affordable purchases seem far more expensive. See how we all wear our picks ahead of time, then shop for our favorites when you’re that excited.


Melinda Martin