Sure, Chris Pine additionally loves his Marvel Girl belt pouch – it's a "very intelligent system"


Chris Pine returns as Diana Prince's love interest Steve Trevor Wonder Woman 1984, which can now be streamed on HBO Max if you haven't gotten through all the fun of the '80s. Competing with Diana's white wrap dress as the most fashionable moment in the film is Steve's own wardrobe – we love to watch him dress in retro athleisure after retro athleisure.

In an interview with, costume designer Linda Hemming itemized the outfit he wore the longest. The black nylon jacket "Members Only" and the matching pants are equipped with red, white and blue Nike Cortez sneakers and a gray belt pouch that caught the attention of Twitter users and Twitter users Wonder woman Fans everywhere. "Chris Pine's belt bag is everything," you will likely hear from friends who have seen the movie. Pine confirmed the look was designed by director Patty Jenkins, and Hemming revealed that the belt pouch is actually a custom accessory from the costume design team's workshop – a must-have as it was a typical look for many guys back then.

Steve also puts on zippered combat pants, a reef from '80s club wear, complete with a miniature American flag pouch, to really make it clear that Chris Pine looks great in a fanny pack. In fact, the actor continued to comment on the relapse style moment Live with Kelly and Ryan In early December, before the release of the film: "The belt bag is a very clever device … I think for a gentleman or anyone who really wants to wear well-fitting pants, the belt bag offers both protection for the silhouette of the pants at the same time incredible storage space, "he said.

Take a look at Chris Pine who made this moment possible Wonder Woman 1984then shop his style if you are so inclined. We definitely do, but we're sure we didn't have to tell you.


Melinda Martin