SZA confirms the cooperation of sustainable clothing brands with Slow Factory


SZA and the environmental foundation Slow Factory are working together on a line of sustainable clothing and goods that has been developed since 2018. Founded by SZA and Slow Factory’s fashion designer Céline Semaan, the Ctrl Fishing Company is made in a sustainable factory in Los Angeles and the singer is aiming for a launch in spring 2021.

“I am actually working with Celine from Slow Factory to achieve perfect sustainability,” SZA told POPSUGAR. “We made our own fabric from quilted landfill fabrics of different colors. We only try to make things that I really want to wear, but also in a way that doesn’t affect our carbon footprint.” or my karma, and that’s really difficult. Merch is going to go up in the next week or so! I am about to do a major clean up in my house for the merch we use. It’s all literally made from recycled clothes, clothes that have already been thrown away and taken to the landfill, not even clothes that should be bought again. We used that again. “

Since the account appeared in August 2018, SZA has slowly stopped previewing the Ctrl Fishing Company’s merch on the brand’s Instagram. The range includes sweatshirts, embroidered tops and patchwork pieces with logos such as “Puck Flastic” and “Sustainability Gang”. Read on to get a preview of the SZA and Slow Factory’s Ctrl Fishing Company.


Melinda Martin