Take a 360-degree tour of the 20 most well-known costumes from The Crown and The Queen & # 39; s Gambit


Episode by episode, The Queen's Gambit and The crown have supplied with elegant costumes that left us wanting to explore the cloakroom department for just one day. In partnership with the Brooklyn Museum, Netflix has created a virtual costume exhibition that features 20 of the show's most iconic outfits, including Princess Diana's stunning wedding dress.

The self-guided 3D tour, open October 30th through December 13th, offers a 360-degree view of Beth Harmons and Queen Elizabeth's most memorable fashion moments from the shows. Fans of the The crown Plus, you'll get a glimpse of what Gillian Anderson wears on Margaret Thatcher's fourth season, which airs November 15th. Clicking on an outfit allows you to zoom in small details and watch clips from the shows to see the outfit on screen and learn about the history of the costume, including the fabric it was made of and who it was made of designed. (For anyone wondering, Princess Diana's dress is a lace-trimmed silk taffeta dress.)

The exhibition is also accompanied by a virtual panel discussion moderated by costume designer Ruth E. Carter, who, along with Brooklyn Museum curator Matthew Yokobosky, gives a behind-the-scenes look at each outfit. Take a closer look at some of the most elegant costumes from the upcoming shows and take a tour of all of the outfits from The Queen and the Crown: A Virtual Costume Exhibition Here.


Melinda Martin