Thanks, TikTok, I might By no means Wished to Beautify My Dwelling for Fall Till Now


Throw me a beauty tutorial, styling video, or recipe how-to on TikTok, and I’m down to try it. Home décor and decorating videos are a completely different story, however, and only because I have little-to-no restraint when it comes to sprucing up my place. I guess being stuck at home for the past seven months will do that to you. 

Lucky for me, a lot of the videos gaining steam on the app feature affordable pieces from Walmart—I’m talking $200 or less! So even though I’ve never been one to decorate based on seasons, TikTok influencers Melissa Frusco, Christine Higgs, and Cindi Yang are making me want to follow their lead. Continue scrolling for three inspiring room transformation ideas for fall (and be sure to thank TikTok for your newfound obsession with seasonal home décor).


Melinda Martin