The 16 finest mascaras that may make it seem like you're carrying eyelash extensions


Finding the best mascara is a tricky business – and not a task that we as beauty editors take lightly. There is so much to consider at the beginning: Firstly, our budget and then our specific needs and goals when it comes to transforming our eyelashes into their longest, thickest and fluttering selves.

The good news, however, is that there are tons of amazing tubes of mascara designed specifically for different purposes (volumizing, separating, etc.), all of which come at different prices. For your information, celebrity makeup artists say mascaras probably aren't among the products you really need to pamper yourself. That means we all choose our poison differently.

We're in the business of testing and criticizing every single mascara formula. So believe us when we say we've tried our fair share of expensive and inexpensive mascaras that have impressed and disappointed. We have high standards and we want mascara that is so good that false lashes or extensions are no longer needed.

And believe it or not, we've found 16 of the best mascaras that not only meet our picky standards but also go above and beyond. To make our research more user-friendly, we've divided our results into three different categories: volume, length, and definition. Then we've tagged each product with $, $$, or $$$ so that you can better view our publisher-approved range with the range of your budget in mind.

Check out the 16 best mascaras to replace your lash lines and extensions with.


Melinda Martin