The 5 Best Fall Shoe Tendencies To Dip Your Ft In


Fall's best footwear doesn't have to be complicated because, to be honest, that's not what we're interested in right now. Instead, we stick with the trends that have gotten more organic this season – shoes that are practical, functional, and absolutely still fun – just for these styles, no laces, zippers, or straps are required to get your feet in.

It's essentially slides, loafers, and pull-on boots that make putting them on and looking cool a breeze. Some feature the latest iteration of the slippers you've loved all summer, while others, like the clog, are making a more nostalgic comeback to add a bit of the love of the '00s to your look. Read on for a rundown of the season's biggest shoe trends, which are a little more relaxed and a little less runway.


Melinda Martin