The brand new Juice Pack Join from Mophie works with virtually each smartphone


In the past, Mophie's battery compartments were limited to certain smartphone models. Given the different shapes and sizes of smartphones, it would be impossible for the company to create a battery compartment for every model available, but the company believes that this problem may have been resolved.

It does this in the form of the new Mophie Juice Pack Connect, which should work with every smartphone. As you can see in the video above, the Juice Pack Connect is similar to a modular battery compartment. It can be attached to or removed from the case of a smartphone with an anchor that sticks to the phone or the case of the phone.

When not in use, the anchor can also serve as a stand for the phone in question, so that it does not become completely unusable. However, when users need that extra battery, all they have to do is slide in the Juice Pack Connect and the mobile device will be charged through wireless charging.

Since it's a wireless device, unlike previous battery cases, users don't have to worry about it taking up their device's Lightning or USB-C port. It would have been more interesting if the device had supported Apple's MagSafe, but we suspect that this kind of defeat defeats the purpose of universal compatibility. The Mophie Juice Pack Connect is $ 80 and you should be able to purchase one through the Zagg website.

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Melinda Martin