The chicest over 50s advised me the style errors they'll by no means repeat


Regardless of what year you came into this world, we can all learn a thing or two about style from our smarter fashion colleagues. These are the women who have seen generations of trends come and go and who have spent the better half of their lives indulging in what they can now call a strong sense of personal style. With this group of women offering a wealth of knowledge, I was curious to know what kind of style lessons they can give the rest of us.

I've spoken to a handful of the many chic older women I've followed on Instagram to get inspiration from the style. Grece Ghanem is a model and personal trainer from Montréal with a penchant for print mixing and "Old Celine". Lyn Slater, also known as the Accidental Icon, is a New Yorker whose career began when she started blogging a few years ago. After all, Renata Jazdzyk is a UK-based content creator that you've seen in all the vibrant street style looks. They all shared the fashion "mistakes" of their past, what they had learned from them, and how they are now dressing instead.

To be clear, I say the word mistake lightly. We all do them, and I'm not here to shame other people's fashion choices, but rather to celebrate and share the wisdom that only emerges after you've taken the time to think about how you'd like to evolve your style. This type of self-reflection doesn't necessarily require decades of outfits to look back on (people of all ages can swear they always develop better fashion habits), but the years each of them has gone through certainly add more weight to the advice below.

Read on to discover eight fashion mistakes made by women over 50 and the breastfeeding lessons they learned from them.


Melinda Martin