The Coolest Streets Around The World

Time Out Magazine recently announced the top 30 Coolest Streets as voted by over 27,000 city residents across the globe. The criteria to win top honors included street culture and nightlife as well as food and drink offerings.  They also evaluated how each street cultivated a sense of community, especially important in light of the pandemic.

Some of the streets that received kudos included Smith Street in Melbourne, Australia, South Bank in London, UK as well as Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles USA.

I asked Steve Crews from what he thought about the list. He stated, “well my city isn’t on the list, but there are a bunch of places on that list that I’d love to visit over the next couple of years.”

With the COVID pandemic restrictions lifting, we can all breathe a little deeper and potentially get back to travelling again.  I don’t live near any beaches and I’d love to head somewhere warm and walk along the beach barefoot letting the water wash up over my feet.

Then in the evening, don a pair of canvas shoes and head out for a long walk along the promenade, with an ice cream in hand.  That reminds me, “Do Crocs make a canvas shoe?”

Ok, so that question came out of left field.  I’ve been working from home for a year now.  I only go out for groceries, and I have grown quite comfortable not having to dress up too much for anything.  My regular attire includes shorts and a nice golf shirt in case I need to jump onto a zoom call.

When I do things around the outside of my house, I wear my Crocs and inside, if my feet get cold, I wear my fuzzy Crocs.  I used to wear dress shoes, which can be a little uncomfortable if I’m honest.

Crocs have become my go-to shoe of choice.  They breathe, my feet stay warm when they need to and stay cool when they need to…  What can I say!  LOL.

I’ve also started using a stand-up desk.  I was getting lazy sitting on my desk chair all day and thought this would be a nice solution.  I’m a fan!  A raving fan, actually.  I really enjoy working while standing.

I feel like I’m getting a little bit of exercise and I can walk around a little while I’m chatting on the phone or in a zoom call.  One thing I noticed is that my feet were a little tired, so I started to wear my Crocs.

I have to say, I’ve found the best Crocs for standing all day.  Crocs offer support and cushion at the same time.  I was going to buy one of those “rubber-padded” mats to stand on, but when I put on my Crocs, my feet were golden!

Well, this little article has taken a turn, but I have to say… Now that the pandemic is on its way out, I’m excited to take a trip or two to visit some of the coolest cities around the world.  I’m definitely going to bring a couple of pairs of Crocs with me.

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