The HomePod Mini is priced at $ 99


According to rumors, Apple is apparently planning to develop a HomePod mini speaker set. This device is said to be smaller and cheaper than the HomePod, and according to a post by Kang on Weibo, the pricing for the upcoming speaker seems to have become known and we're pretty excited about this news.

If Kang's post is correct, the HomePod mini could be priced at $ 99. This is surprising when you consider that Apple doesn't typically rate its products or accessories at prices that many would consider "cheap" or even "affordable". However, it stands to reason that this would make sense.

This is because the HomePod is priced at $ 299. This is one of the more expensive smart speakers on the market today. The price, as well as the lack of features, resulted in a flop, so a HomePod mini for $ 99 may be more attractive. This could encourage users to take over the device, which in turn could help speed up the rollout of HomeKit as users can control their smart home devices using Siri.

Companies like Amazon and Google have had success by releasing cheaper, smaller smart speakers like the Echo Dot and Nest Mini. Perhaps Apple is hoping to emulate this success. In any case, hopefully Apple will have more details for us at the iPhone 12 event next week.

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Melinda Martin