The key drugstore is blushing that rivals 10 high-end favorites


Blush is a beauty product that is all too often overlooked. This is an essential step in a subtle makeup routine with promising results. Of course, bronzers and contour powders are great for a moment in St. Tropez, and highlighter pens can make us look and feel like a glowing sphere when we feel anything but because of our lack of sleep. But what if you want to look a little more effortless? There is nothing like a quick blush to revitalize our complexion in a time of need or when we are aiming for a natural beauty look.

Blush's transformative powers make it easy to understand why it's one of the most important beauty staples among celebrities, makeup artists, and beauty editors. You look more alive and healthy than the fifth cup of coffee will ever do. Simply put, blushing does a lot without ever doing too much.

As you may already know (or will know soon), it's easy to get addicted to blush, and since you are likely to be reaching for your favorite formula every day, we've done you and your bank account a favor by sharing 10 of the most loved ones Blush formulas (if your budget allows) on top of the 10 drugstore dupes that bear an uncanny similarity in terms of ingredients, wear and tear, and workmanship. There are 10 of the best drugstore blushes your face will thank you for.


Melinda Martin