The lingerie traits everybody ought to learn about


For some women, lingerie is only used on special occasions, hidden in a drawer somewhere, and is definitely not invested regularly. Talk to Lyn Lewis, former CEO of Journelle, about a presentation about how wrong this mentality is. According to their expert opinion, lingerie should be treated like any other fashion item, especially considering that you wear lingerie every day. (Yes, even the pretty, pure lace kind.)

Just like ready-to-wear, there are trends in the lingerie market that come and go and Lewis has been so generous that she shared her knowledge of the world of all the delicate and pretty things with us here. Whether you're still too shy to wear these types of lingerie regularly or looking for the next best piece to add to your negligee collection, we encourage you to keep an eye out for the hottest lingerie trends, according to Lewis. Are you ready to be amazed by the next best thing to wear underneath?

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Melinda Martin