The low-rise bikinis celebs over 40 can't cease carrying


We are now basically a swimwear website. Just kidding, but it's true that when the weather is warmer, the focus is on coverage of the swimming trend. We covered that Rise of the thong bikini among it girls and celebrities, as well as how to wear one in real life –You know, if you're not an it girl or a celebrity like this writer. We have documented the massive swimming trends that are taking over this season and the Lingerie bikini trend that hits Instagram as well as A bikini style that is suddenly dying out. In essence, we spend a lot of time browsing bikini photos to bring you the latest and greatest in swimwear.

The latest trend that we noticed is low-rise bikinis, which seem to be becoming increasingly popular in the stylish and over 40-year-old set. Jennifer Lopez is regularly spotted in them, though she's always ahead of the pack when it comes to swimming trends. Remember when they do Set the internet on fire in this barely-visible pink bikini? But it's not just J.Lo breaking trends out there: Sofia Vergara, Tracee Ellis Ross and Eva Longoria have also joined the low-rise club. Scroll down to see how they wear the early '00s trend and no matter what celeb style goes with your swimwear aesthetic, shop for the look.


Melinda Martin