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The Owner of Harper’s Cycling and Fitness, Charles Harper, Dies 85

Sep 1

The owner of Harper’s Cycling and Fitness, Charles Harper does at the age of 85. Harper owned the famous brand for a little over 55 years. He was a strong advocate of cycling, and was based in Iowa.

He suffered from a stroke in May, and died after being hospitalized for 16 days. His funeral was held on 28th of May. Before starting this company, harper worked in another company for many years. Harper was then a member of “The Wheelmen”, a nonprofit dedicated to remembering the old heritage of American cycling. He was the Iowa captain of his cycling group.

Den Jennings’ Views About Harper

Den Jennings, representative of Hear Representation has known Harper for over 16 years. He says that he has learned two important things from Charlie in his lifetime. First thing is pause, he always paused after listening to someone before replying them. He used this tactic to give appropriate and useful responses. He always acted cool even when he had disagreement with someone. Settings says that taking a pause before responding can help us avoid saying thing which we might regret in the long run. This can apply whether we’re talking to a friend, a customer, a cop-worker or anyone else.

The second thing Jennings said he has learned from Harper is paying it forward. We should always share smiles with people, and should focus on helping others. We should always help in fixing other peoples’ problems, and we should take pride in that. Jennings said that Charlie never bragged about it, he just kept doing it throughout his life. Not everyone asks for help straight away when they need it, and therefore, we shouldn’t wait for them to ask, and should offer them help without them asking.