The perfect cozy winter outfit for you based mostly in your favourite good friend character


Sorry not sorry if we extend ours Friends Outfit inspiration for every season. For winter, it's just too easy to pair every character – Ross, Monica, Joey, Rachel, Chandler, and Phoebe – with a classic look. Their personalities speak totally to their closets, and that is more than evident as the episodes progress.

While Rachel is always looking for a sexy twist on something tailor-made, Phoebe opts for whimsical sweaters, layers, fun hair accessories and long coats during the holiday season. Even if you like to turn things upside down and crave something polished one day and something totally relaxed the next (cough, chandler, cough), that's cool because we've got cold-weather essentials for everyone You can also shop them all up to make sure your 90s homage is very rounded.

See in advance that the fashion item you imagine the instant your favorite character is snowing in town is the same one we intended for them, then buy one of the looks. We were confident that each item on the list would also remain affordable so that you can take a bulk approach to solving this problem Friends Buying Guide.


Melinda Martin