The perfect outfit checklist: 7 trendy spring looks that have it all


Before we dive in, let’s remember that there really is no such thing as a perfect outfit. That means: everyone has their own personal style, so your perfect outfit is exactly what makes you most comfortable and confident. That said, there are a few key elements that we believe make up some of the most cutting edge looks. If an ensemble makes us double-take or double-tap IG, it is essentially because it has a climax of specific forward components.

To delve further into this matter, below we bring you our checklist to keep in mind (or save on your phone to refer to when styling) that sums up some of the key details of the perfect spring outfit in our minds. And to showcase the aspects in action, we’ve also rounded up some of the chicest spring looks that will suit you exactly. So without further ado, scroll down for some visual and shopping inspiration to stimulate and promote your spring outfit game.


Melinda Martin