The perfect tops for New Years


Let's talk about the New Year – a time when people usually gather to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter, toast with champagne flutes, to say goodbye to the past and look forward to what lies ahead. Since we certainly won't be celebrating in a similar way this year, we see no reason why you shouldn't still be dressing comfortably at home when you ring in the new year. Creating a complete New Years look is stressful enough and half unnecessary this year. So why not just add one item that can enhance any outfit with glitter, sequins, satin, velvet, and more? We call this the New Years top.

If you don't feel like a dress, jumpsuit, or a two-piece set, there is always a dependable top that will point your outfit in the right direction. Wear a festive top with laid-back vintage denim and strappy heels, or wear it with leather leggings and lace-up boots for a bolder look. You can also create a monochrome look, add a sequin jacket, or put on a flaky faux fur coat to top off your festive New Year outfit. Pair it with black skinny jeans, split denim, a silk skirt or even biker shorts.

The possibilities are endless with a fun, playful statement top for New Years, but we've rounded up the best for the occasion. Keep scrolling and shop for our favorite tops that will stand out at any New Year celebration, whatever it may be this year.


Melinda Martin