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The precise merchandise hairdressers use for ridiculously shiny hair on superstar prospects


If there is one thing we know for sure, it is that nobody knows how to get shiny hair like a prominent hairdresser does. Sure, they're stocked with some of the most vibrant (and often expensive) products on the market, but the styles they can produce are often based only on the skills they bring to the table. Thankfully, many of them take to Instagram to share their favorite behind-the-scenes styling tips so the rest of us can try them out at home.

In our search for that high-gloss, expensive-looking celebrity hair, we went through the feeds of some of the hottest hairdressers in the game to find out what exactly they use to make their clients' hair look so shiny. From Yara Shahidi's deleted locks to Scarlett Johansson's bright blonde locks, we found the products to help ladies of all textures maintain the look. Read on for the deets.


Melinda Martin