The Samsung M7 is a monitor and sensible TV all-in-one system


There are people who choose to use a TV as a monitor for their PCs, but there are reasons why monitors are still preferred over TVs such as size, refresh rate, response time, etc. However, why can't you get the best of both of them Have worlds? Samsung thinks this is possible with its new Samsung M7 display.

At first glance, the M7 looks like a normal computer monitor, but it's more than that. Under the hood, the M7 is powered by the Tizen operating system. This means that even when your computer is turned off, your computer can still act as a kind of smart TV, where you can connect it to the cloud and use it to edit, view or save your Office 365 files.

So if there was a document that you needed to view quickly instead of starting your PC, you can just browse it from the monitor itself. The M7 has built-in connectivity such as WLAN, Bluetooth and Wireless DeX. This means that you can use a Samsung smartphone like the Note 20 and turn it into a computer.

It's a pretty crazy concept, but it kind of seems to work on paper. There will be different models and sizes available, such as the aforementioned M7, which is available in UHD at 32 ", and the M5 with Full HD resolution, which will be available in 32" or a slightly smaller 27 ". The M5 starts at $ 230 and the M7 starts at $ 400.

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Melinda Martin