The sudden colour mixture that everybody is sporting proper now


When it comes to complementary and clashing colors, it can be difficult to know which hues will work together and which will not. Really, it's a trial and error (our fashion mantra is to try everything once) and learning from your mistakes. Right now there is a certain pairing in the Instagram rounds that shouldn't actually work on paper, but it kind of works.

Countless influencers are putting two of the season's top color trends – green and lilac – together with unexpectedly chic success. It seems like one of the easiest (read: less daunting) ways to wear it, going for pastel iterations of green and purple that blend together beautifully.

That said, if you want to make a real style statement, you might want to try María Bernad's ultraviolet-moss duo. Rest assured that either way, you will be very trendy. Keep scrolling to see our favorite green and lilac outfits, then shop our selection of the best buys in each shade.


Melinda Martin