The swimming trend you wore in middle school is cool again – here are the best


A range of cool new swimming trends are featured every summer – from tiny string styles perfect for tanning to retro floral prints that were basically made for Instagram. Celebrities usually introduce us to these trends, then some cool girls jump on board on Instagram and suddenly this trend is everywhere. But there is one trend that is not that new. In fact, it’s the same one I wore in middle school.

Yes, tankinis are making a big comeback, but the 2021 versions are a little different from the ones we all loved in seventh grade. The current tankini trend includes a top style that is slightly longer on the upper body and hits right around the bottom of your ribs. These tops are also more fitting than yesterday’s and much more modern by default. These go well with high waisted, high cut bottoms as well as tiny string styles so when choosing a bottom it’s really a situation where you can choose your own adventure. To show you what I mean, below are the best tankinis for Summer ’21 to help you rethink the entire category.


Melinda Martin