There's an vital message behind that fabulous pink swimsuit you've seen throughout Instagram


It's hard to miss the fact that the pink suit is popping up on your Instagram feed on celebrities like Kerry Washington and Amy Schumer. The bold blazer and trousers are part of the Argent x Supermajority election collection that embraces the power of the Celebrating women's election. Ten percent of the proceeds from each item in the collection goes toward Supermajority's mission to "build a powerful, diverse, woman-led future where we are truly equal".

It's clear that it's the pink suit that got the most attention, and celebrity fans have used their Instagram accounts not just to show off the look, but to share messages, and to help the women who follow them to give the opportunity to cast their votes and ensure that their votes are heard in that election. We're part of Kerry Washington's post, which included a nod to Olivia Pope and said, "Gladiator in a (pink) suit ????."

What makes this collection so special is the important connection between clothing and what it represents. How the white suit, a symbol of feminism associated with the white worn during the suffragette movement, and in particular by Hillary Clinton at DNC ​​in 2016 and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez when she was sworn in in Congress this fuchsia suit also has its own demand for female solidarity. On its website, Argent invites women to "hear it. Share it. During the debate (s). While you are on the phone and texting the voters. While you are voting. On election night."

Check out the famous women who have worn it so far here and get on the waiting list if you feel inspired.


Melinda Martin