These Amazon finds completely appear to be they had been from Zara


If you look deep into the abyss of the Amazon, past those nagging memories, to subscribe and save on your dog's dry food and random niche items, you will find surprisingly good fashion. And by that I don't mean the basics in the middle of the road that can be found practically anywhere. I'm talking about the kind of pieces that have a wow factor and yet have an everyday practicality (aka Zara's expertise).

It takes a little finesse and extensive online shopping expertise to reach the gold mine of trendy finds, but they do are There; From those dainty knit sets that set Instagram on fire to a rerun of that shoulder bag that Bella Hadid couldn't stop wearing. Realizing that most people have more pressing things to do (like binge watching The Crown) instead of spending an entire evening digging into the depths of Amazon, I've done the heavy lifting for you. Below are my favorite trending fashion picks that money can buy – with two day shipping, of course.


Melinda Martin