These are the very best locations to purchase lingerie and why


Lingerie shopping can be so personal. I know for myself it takes a lot to impress a new bra because I've tried way too many uncomfortable or unsupportive options. I recently found a bra that was so comfortable it completely changed my view of my entire collection. But when I was talking to my friends, I realized that everyone's shopping for lingerie with ideas so different. For example, my smaller-breasted friends always show off their adorable petite bralettes, while my larger-breasted friends would not dare invest in a bra without a supportive wire.

To simplify the lingerie shopping experience, it comes down to knowing what to look for in your lingerie. So I've broken down the best places to buy different types of lingerie. From the website for the best bits and pieces to classic staples, check out the 12 best places to freshen up your lingerie collection.


Melinda Martin