These brief haircuts have been made for thick hair varieties


When it comes to styling or cutting thick hair (short or long), layers and texture are so important. "Often times, customers complain that hair is too heavy or has no style because of the density," says Mark DeBolt, co-owner of Mark Ryan Salon. "Adding texture and removing weight is a great way to move hair more smoothly and create a softer feminine silhouette."

Amanda Lee, a stylist for Mane Addicts, says that long, thick hair with lots of layers and face parts is a great option. With shorter hair, however, she focuses on inner layers: "I avoid tons of outer layers and focus on layers on the inside to remove weight while giving the hair plenty of movement."

When deciding on a hairstyle, time and maintenance should also be considered. How long does it take to style your hair? Does it have to be styled every day? "These aren't negatives. I know a lot of my clients enjoy getting ready in the morning and styling their hair, but for others it can be a real chore," said Philip Downing, Creative & Education Director at TIGI. "Condition is also very important. If you have a lot of hair, the better condition will only help you style your hair. Just like skin care, hair care is of tremendous importance and should be a daily routine … especially if the hair has Length and / or color. Your expensive color will only thrive with longevity the more it is cared for. "


Melinda Martin