These upcycled, sustainable designer luggage are truthfully higher than the true factor


Chiara Rivituso and Matteo Bastiani are the designer duo behind Camera 60, for whom they develop leather goods from Milan. But once Chiara and Matteo got used to their lockdown life, they decided to focus their efforts on sustainability in an incredibly smart and stylish way. They have caught the attention of fans, designers, and influencers by reimagining iconic luxury handbags with upcycled materials – from an Oreo cookie box to an Amazon Prime envelope.

"This upcycle project started a few years ago. It was all about experimentation and making bags out of unusual materials. We made a capsule collection of shopping bags – we wanted to reuse plastic in other ways. We felt it during the lockdown." It was time to share our ideas. We started making bags with whatever materials we had available at home [waste packaging and other materials like paper, plastic, and boxes] and posted them on Instagram to communicate our vision of a more sustainable environment and want to inspire people to do something instead of wasting it, and we want to encourage brands to embrace that vision, "Chiara told POPSUGAR.

We were so excited with Chiara and Matteo's efforts that we asked them to show us the start-to-end process of making a bag, and they created an exclusive design just for us: the Balenciaga Hourglass bag from DHL -Plastic cases. "It's like a Demna Gvasalia piece 'Back to the Roots' and we love the idea that it could be very timely and effective. The connection with DHL was automatic and inevitable!" Chiara said about the bag, which has a "POPSUGAR" label on the inner lining when scrolling.

Pre-check out the steps in Chiara and Matteo's meticulous construction, along with some of our other favorite bags they have made over the past few months. You can automatically assume that you will be contacted by fans and followers who want to buy their sustainable bags on a regular basis, and you are right. Whether Chiara and Matteo have personal favorites or not, Chiara said it was "always the last one we did!" So I think the POPSUGAR x Balenciaga x DHL bag has the upper hand for now. We don't complain at all.


Melinda Martin