These winter pajamas are significantly a 10/10


If you think about it, our new WFH culture makes it socially acceptable to wear pajamas around the clock, and we're not mad about it. The trendier loungewear-style pajamas on the market have also made it easier to wear them beyond the comfort of our beds and couches (to fun places like the grocery store) and are calling it a fashion statement. However, there are always some pajamas to reserve for indoor use that you might want to wear for an afternoon nap, lazy mornings or nights – especially when winter is over.

We are talking about long-sleeved and long-pants pajama sets. Because wearing the right pajamas in cold winter weather is something special. (Bonus points if you have a cup of tea or hot chocolate in hand.)

From the types of pajamas that make every winter morning feel like a lazy Sunday morning (and some that you can roll out of bed and still look cute regardless of your plans) to those that are easily interchangeable, we have 20 winter jams in summary these are seriously 10/10. We promise you won't have to worry about the cold weather or your sketchy heater anymore.


Melinda Martin