This beneath $ 12 designer piece exhibits up on the best trend women


There are a lot of cool microtrends in the fashion set, but the one I have in mind right now is both designer and affordable. Yes, logo socks are what I see all the cool fashion girls wearing them right now, and you can add them to your cart for $ 12 or less. Logo socks are the ultimate, restrained variant of designer fashion and are one of the most important accessories of the moment.

Whether with leggings, sweatpants or micro-shorts, I borrow ideas from fashion fans for all the stylish ways to wear them. Maybe my favorite part of this trend? It's such a subtle, wearable, and approachable take on logo fashion that feels perfectly in tune with how I want to dress now. In front of me 4 outfits with logo socks that inspire all of my cozy looks at the moment.


Melinda Martin