This coloration of shoes is commonly ignored, however listed below are 11 outfits to show it’s stylish


Not that there's anything wrong with timeless black or brown boots (they're a wardrobe staple, after all), or even the rise of their bright white counterpart, but if there's one boot color that has been seriously underrated over the years, it's gray. We know what you're thinking: why go with gray when you have the other neutrals in your closet? Due to the fact that outfits with gray boots have flown deep under the radar, they naturally serve as a refreshing take on your winter outfits. Not to mention, interest in minimal outfits that happen to be the use of gray boots has grown steadily. They are versatile and make any winter ensemble look soft and ethereal – all the more reason to add them to your wardrobe if you ask us.

If you're still not convinced, we made it our business to create the chicest it-girl looks with the boot style and we are now telling you they are good. Check them out below and get ready to shop!


Melinda Martin