This controversial '90s lipstick pattern is again and we don't hate it


Ahh, the 90s. There have been so many beauty and fashion trends (both good and bad) that we thought we'd left them in the past: plucked eyebrows, slip dresses, the "Rachel" cut, pastel colored eyeshadows, mini bags, everything glitter. .. If you went through the '90s, you probably saw at least one of these trends.

But because everything seems to be circling back, many of these trends have made a comeback. We are not surprised and really embraced some of these, but we still get used to others. One beauty trend that we've seen in the 21st century is the brown lipstick. The look was so popular with celebrities from Drew Barrymore to Jennifer Lopez to Tyra Banks. We thought it was a very late beauty trend, but now it's back. And we're not really mad about it.

"Once a younger generation has passed the trend for the first time, they feel new and exciting because they don't remember the horrors of looking back on old photos," says famous makeup artist Quinn Murphy, whose clients include Karlie Kloss and Dakota Fanning. Hopefully every new generation can learn from the mistakes of their predecessors – which leads us to brown lipstick! These 20 year old girls love a brown lip and a defined lipstick with a black flicky liner. Sounds familiar? Like any trend, it all depends on it How it's done and by whom, except the shoulder pads. Nobody should wear them (except maybe Elizabeth Warren). "


Melinda Martin