This could be our first look at the Google Pixel Watch


For years since Google launched Wear OS, many have wondered if Google could ever launch its own brand of smartwatches. Those rumors have been around for years, but that could change this year as Google reportedly finally announces and launches its own Pixel-branded wearable.

While the company has not yet officially commented on or confirmed the rumors, the tidbit Jon Prosser posted a video sharing multiple depictions of what the watch might look like. The renderings were made by Ian Zelbo, which are apparently based on information from Prosser as well as on alleged press renderings.

This means that if Prosser’s information is correct, this could be our first look at Google’s Pixel Watch. There really isn’t much to say when it comes to design. It looks like a normal watch with a round dial and crown. There’s nothing really special about it, although that might actually be a good thing.

We’re not sure when Google will launch its smartwatch. The company is hosting its I / O event in May, so that’s a possibility. Another possibility is that they could announce it later in the year, when the Pixel 6 is expected to hit the market as well.

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Melinda Martin