This gadget turns iPhone portrait pictures into holograms


Holograms are pretty cool, although in terms of practicality and usefulness we're not sure we've figured that out completely yet. However, we've seen how it can be used at concerts and if you've ever wanted your personal hologram it seems like a very expensive proposition, but it may not.

A company on Kickstarter is trying to raise funds for a device called the Looking Glass Portrait. One of the main selling points is that photos taken in the iPhone's portrait mode can be turned into a hologram portrait on your desk almost instantly. All you have to do is transfer the photo to the software, process it and have a small hologram of yourself or your pet on your desk.

While it's not necessarily the holograms we've seen on TV shows and movies, it's pretty cool and takes digital photo frames to the next level. As we said earlier, we are not sure what practical use such a device has, but in terms of fun and novelty factor, the mirror portrait certainly has all of these characteristics.

That being said, the Looking Glass Portrait device costs $ 199 as an early bird incentive to Kickstarter. So if you want to pledge your support or learn more, watch the video above or visit the Kickstarter page.

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Melinda Martin