This gorgeous (however easy) lingerie pattern by no means leaves me fancy


Let's talk about lingerie trends. There are currently some fresh styles on deck for 2020 that I'm personally looking forward to, such as the comeback of boys' shorts and boxers. But if classic staples are faster, or if you're just curious about the lingerie items that will stand the test of time, you've come to the right place with top pieces. Lacy lingerie, but lacy lingerie specifically, is one of the things I am convinced will never "run out" no matter how many trending reports come and go. It's more of a simple, but delightful and delicate base.

Right now my aim is to update those "special basics" in my closet. I have some pretty pointy pieces in mind that I think will make a great addition to my top drawer. The only problem is that there are a dizzying amount of options. Search for "lace lingerie" on a retailer's search bar and I guarantee you will be inundated with a ton of hits. That's why I'm optimizing the process and highlighting the most beautiful parts of all types of underwear, from thongs to briefs to boyshorts. Scroll down to shop for the best lace underwear in each category.


Melinda Martin