This hugely popular engagement ring trend is cooling down


Your Instagram feed is about to be filled with engagement ring posts (this is the season) so you might as well adopt it, right? Regardless of our relationship status, we simply don’t care which engagement trends are rising and which are falling quickly. However, we don’t think this means that a ring style you may already own is ever really “out”. It just means people take a breather to choose a different style that is trending for one reason or another.

This time our curiosity led us to Ken Leung from Ken & Dana Design in NYC. (Warning: the pieces will make your jaw drop.) We asked Leung which engagement ring trend people are buying less this year and what they’re buying instead, and we honestly surprised us with his answer.

“”We see our customers turn away from the once popular Halo settings “ Leung told us. Believe it or not, pear shaped center stones are back! The Ken & Dana customer is also interested in oval stones and rose gold frames. Another big trend we’re seeing is the request for vintage-inspired and / or intricately detailed engagement rings, as well as wedding rings. Old is new again! “

Given the number of halo settings (round stones surrounded by pavé diamonds) we see every day, it could be that they have become too popular and have peaked. But luckily it’s a classic so it will be back. In the meantime, we are very intrigued by the return of pear-shaped stones. Keep scrolling to buy the most impressive iterations on the market.


Melinda Martin