This Is the Solely Vacation Make-up Look I am Bookmarking This Yr


Let’s talk makeup, specifically holiday makeup. While 2020 has brought a lot of challenges and uncertainty, what I do know is (a) I’m still going to wear some sort of makeup this holiday season, and (b) I’m going to go all out while doing so. A head-to-toe velvet outfit to go with my sparkly blue eyes? Why the heck not? A berry lip? Sure! For me, there are absolutely no rules right now, and I plan to take full advantage.

So, I enlisted my beauty co-editor Erin Jahns to show me (and you!) how she’s making her face extra festive this year. “I’m taking inspiration from a look I saw a few months ago and immediately bookmarked for holiday season safekeeping,” she says. “This is still my favorite time of year to experiment with really fun makeup, and because I’ve been at home more, I’ve really had time to play with bright, bold colors, glitters, and other statement-making products and looks I might not have gravitated toward before.” And for that, I am thankful. Here, Erin breaks down how to get her look using products from Ulta Beauty.


Melinda Martin