This marketing campaign requires measurement inclusiveness as a result of "an XL doesn't make you a various model"


The Unplug Collective is a website launched in 2019 by Amanda Taylor, a Jamaican student. She realized the importance of creating a community for black women to discuss physical and mental health discrimination. The site is a place of healing, original storytelling, and education achieved through telling the experiences of black women and gender specific people. The Unplug Collective should be your next follower on Instagram if you haven't reached for your phone just yet.

"Fat women are taste-makers too … Look at the revolutions we started and sustained. Our genius has lined your pockets and yet you give us little in return."

Now, the platform, run by a team of black college students, has launched a # DearFashionIndustry campaign that demands more from designers while introducing followers to small brands that are inclusive through the clothes worn in the photo series. Enter the curve models Ireanna, Taylor Long, and Gess Pugh who modeled Long's own swimwear brand Nomads (sizes S-4X) for the empowering shoot that asked each woman to send an open letter to the industry about the frustrating lack of representation to write and what it means for full figured women who are fashionable and expressive – a large majority of women are excluded.

"Fat women are taste makers too. Think of the innovation and creativity we need to be able to express ourselves – our art – beautifully and effortlessly through fashion with the scraps you give us. Look at the revolutions that are we started and sustained. Our genius has hemmed your pockets and yet you give us little in return, "Pugh began her message.

"Dear fashion industry," said Ireanna. "I'm taller than a 1XL from your local bold Black Plus model. My fupa, buns, and cellulite go nowhere. Stop squeezing me into your clothes. Expand your brand. Expand your sizes. Be real. Be real." Inclusive XL doesn't make you a diverse brand, doesn't make you inclusive, doesn't give you a plus-size range, "she noted, pointing out that many companies that claim to be inclusive don't use plus-size Models in images that they define as oversized campaigns.

Read all three letters in full and admire Long & # 39; s Nomads swimwear in beautiful coral tones. And if you haven't already, help us get the message across by sharing this post and asking that the industry do better.


Melinda Martin