This outfit mixture is sort of a starter package deal for Trend It women


I'm always looking for a good outfit recipe. It's definitely fun to unleash your inner stylist and create experimental looks, but sometimes it's easier and less stressful to just stick with what works. When time counts, having a reliable combination available also saves a lot of time.

As always, I found my latest source of outfit inspiration in a pointless scrolling binge on Instagram. From Scandi to New York fashion girls, I noticed that pairing dresses and boots was the uniform of choice. I think it's great that it is straightforward, quickly throws itself together and looks so effortlessly cool: All it takes is a great dress and equally great boots. For the sake of sharing, I've rounded up some of my favorite shots of this two-part outfit recipe. Whether you combine your dress with Moon Boots a la Danish Stylist Trine Kjær, or colliding an animal dress with snakeskin boots like Nicolette Mason; The sky is the limit. Keep scrolling to see all of them.


Melinda Martin