This Parisian brand just picks me up – here’s why I keep coming back


I recently decided to treat myself to some cute summer accessories and of course I went straight to one of my favorite designers from Paris, Polène. Because let me tell you: when I carry a Polène bag, my outfit just looks so much fancier. Maybe it’s because each bag is handmade in Spain and the quality is impeccable, or maybe because the designs and colors are classic and unique at the same time. (I’m looking at you Numéro Dix – aka the half-moon, half-hobo bag of my dreams.) All I know is that the brand will never misdirect me – even fashion people around the world agree. For more reasons, keep scrolling because I’m obsessed with the designs and grab the pieces that I guarantee will add a touch of value to your summer wardrobe.

Photos courtesy of (left to right) @vivid, @audreyrivet, @ayu_ojm, and @lisaholdshteyn.


Melinda Martin