This simply grew to become the newest intricate lingerie pattern


Believe it or not, we've discovered yet another intricate lingerie trend that is hit the lingerie world. We'd like to introduce you to the side-tie trend that features brands such as Le Petit Trou, Love Stories and Coco de Mer Design. So what makes this feature complicated? Well, regular underwear that you can just put on and go, but this new style requires an extra step of adjusting and tying the silky strings (hence the subtle complications).

Over the past year we've seen various lingerie trends such as keyhole and cage underwear, the new wave of string underwear, and the item that made me strangely happier, to name a few polarizing topics. Whether you're just curious about what the side-tie look is all about, or you're looking to invest in new briefs, thongs, or high-rise underwear, we have a variety of options for you below.


Melinda Martin