This trend is starting to bubble, but it is destined to replace skinny leggings


Replace thin leggings? Could the day really come? Well, according to the girls who are always one step ahead of the curve, it’s on the right track. If you grew up dancing, you know the two words I’m writing a little too well: Jazz pants. Even if you haven’t lived in a dance studio all your life, remember those black stretchy pants that kind of flared up down below. A cult favorite at the time was Hard Tail (are your wheels spinning?), And you could catch girls between 8 and 25 with just about anything.

I’m here today to tell you that jazz pants are indeed back and there really couldn’t be a better time for a comfortable pants trend to gush. The jazz pants made of stretchy fabrics and soft waistbands are designed to take away the uncertainty you had when wearing leggings as “real” pants, as this new style basically consists of leggings. We’ve first seen leggings take on new shapes with the rise of the split hem, and it’s clear that jazz pants are living proof that leggings evolve and transform right before our eyes.

The light bootcut or the flared hem give every outfit, whether from head to toe or a nightly look like Bella Hadids (below), a polished edge without having to forego comfort. See beforehand how fashion girls are already wearing the rising trend and shop for dozens of jazz pants options for yourself.


Melinda Martin