This Underdog Boot Pattern Is the Key to Trying Cool


Women consider red lipstick a secret weapon for good reason; it’s a shade that oozes confidence and strength, transforming its wearer into a vision of self-assurance and audaciousness. Well, we’ve found the footwear equivalent: red boots. Yes, they’re a bold choice that may seem a little scary at first to incorporate into your wardrobe, but hear us out. You can’t help but notice anyone who wears a red boot, and if you revel in people noticing your ensemble for the right reasons, you’ll want to give these a chance.

If you’re still in need of nudging to finally jump on the trend or some more convincing that they’re worthy of a spot within your boot collection, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve rounded up 25 unique looks to be your source of inspiration. From monochromatic shades of chili pepper red to simple outfits that stick to the basics, you’ll find all the ideas you could ever need to make red boots a part of your winter footwear arsenal. 


Melinda Martin