three widespread errors that result in hyperpigmentation and the lotions to repair them


From breakouts to irritation, every seemingly undesirable skin condition is a means of communication. Our bodies are smart and, as such, signal to us via pain and even acne that something is going on. Hyperpigmentation is one of those communication methods. Since you are here, you can assume that you have dealt with this delicate condition in the past or are currently dealing with it and are looking for solutions to get rid of the dark, overly pigmented spots that result from the overproduction problem of melanin in small to large patches on the skin.

I know as well as anyone that hyperpigmentation is not fun and that treatment takes a lot of time and patience. (Read more about my trip here.) But listen. We all spend so much time staring at our own faces that every little mark or line can feel like the end of the world. Of course, there are many levels of hyperpigmentation and varying degrees of severity that can make us feel confident and have important “why me” moments, however Hyperpigmentation is normal. In fact, dermatologists see it all the time, constantly helping their patients find the best treatment options. Take a deep breath and read on to learn about 3 common mistakes that can lead to hyperpigmentation, and the expert information will help you avoid them. Then scroll down to edit the 15 most popular hyperpigmentation creams on the internet to get your skin tone back to the clearest, most even state.


Melinda Martin