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Twitter can't get sufficient of this undergraduate candidate's attractive gown, and neither can Matt James


Matt James & # 39; season of The bachelor It started off strong with many women taking off dresses on the red carpet for the Monday night premiere, but there was one woman who caught our attention: Chelsea Vaughn. Chelsea made a big impression with Bachelor Nation and Matt James with her premiere dress. She opted for a beautiful black, multi-neckline backless dress. Her dress was so stunning that even Matt commented, "Wow, she's wearing this dress" when he saw Chelsea strolling to the cocktail party.

Twitter couldn't get enough of Chelsea's dress either, claiming that she was going to go down as one of the best-dressed contestants of all time and that she deserved to win just because she looked amazing in the dress. Who designed the sexy cutout number named Emilia Gown is 18 year old CFFA Recipient of the Year, A & # 39; kai Littlejohn. In fact, A & # 39; kai was even a contestant on Season 2 of Project Runway Junior! The exact dress won't be available until next season, but there is a navy version of the dress available now for $ 995 if you want to copy the look. Read on to see every nook and cranny of the stunning dress in front of you.


Melinda Martin