We examined this crowd-pleasing fragrance and acquired so many compliments


This scent smells like:
A sunny day outside. I honestly feel like I should be lying on a picnic blanket in the grass with a glass of rosé.

My favorite thing about the fragrance is:
How easy it is! It's not too overwhelming, but not too weak if you feel like you have to reapply it throughout the day.

The scent reminds me of:
A spring day in my hometown. Spraying a little on my wrist instantly took me back in time to sitting outside in the back yard (my mom is fragrance sensitive, so I had to take my beauty-loving self outside!) And all rubbing up the perfume samples from fashion magazines my arms.

This fragrance is the perfect gift because:
Not only does the scent smell wonderful, the bottle is also beautiful. It is almost also suitable as a gift for room decoration, as any vanity would look super chic.


Melinda Martin