We tried many boots and these 7 types get the very best rating


As fashion editors, we regularly test a large number of articles in order to ultimately recommend them to you, dear readers. Today we wanted to focus on some of our favorite shoe silhouettes. In particular, these top notch boot styles. After all, we're going to dig deeper into the winter months here, so a fresh inspo couldn't hurt, right?

To highlight the boot silhouettes in question, I asked some team members to send the one pair of boots they are currently obsessed with over others. Essentially, it is these styles mentioned that get an A + ranking when it comes to comfort and general mood. And yes, the boots really do play a role – from more practical flat silhouettes to more trendy picks.

Without further ado, scroll down to see the shoe styles that we think are trailblazers, including a range of visual and shopping spotlights.


Melinda Martin