When the summer heat sets in, these “naked” tops are my MVP


It’s only early June, but it’s getting hot right now. Sure, it’s hot now, but what about the next month when it gets really hot? Besides turning my air conditioner on and drinking all the frozen beverages I can stomach, my approach to beating the heat is less of a strenuous effort. Since it’s socially unacceptable to go out naked, the next best thing in my closet is open tops.

With an exposed back, these tops feel like a wave of relief on a hot summer day. If you’re walking outside and even the slightest movement creates a cascade of sweat, you can at least bet that your top half will stay relatively cool. But the appeal is not entirely functional: Open-back tops are one of the biggest trends of the summer. In preparation for the unbearably warm days to come, I’ve already put together a list of cute specimens so you can skip the hours of browsing for yourself. Keep clicking to shop what I think will be your hot weather MVP too.


Melinda Martin